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Accessibility statement for SEB Helsinki branch

This is the accessibility statement for seb.fi website and it was prepared 1st of December 2020. Through internal self-assessment, it was concluded to be in good condition. We are working towards the full range of SEBs portfolio of digital products and services being fully compliant with guidelines for web accessibility criteria, level AA.

Contact us if you are experiencing barriers

If you are experiencing barriers in any of our products or services or if you have feedback, please contact us. We review all feedback and intend to take necessary action as soon as possible.

Contact the regulating authorities

Always contact us first if you experience any barriers. Should you not be satisfied with our handling of your errand, regulating authorities can be turned to for assistance. At the website of the regulating authority you can read more and report inaccessibility.

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland 
Accessibility Control Unit 
telephone number exchange 0295 016 000